Our company
BARRY Hospitality is a custom furniture company, serving the needs of the international hospitality industry. We offer elegant furniture, architectural fittings, and fixtures for 星力捕鱼游戏平台s, offices, and hotels, to residential, contract, hotel, and retail markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
Our customers share our appreciation for fine materials and workmanship, with tastes and requirements ranging from classic to contemporary, and from stark simplicity to richly detailed carvings and inlays. We are proud to continue our legacy of design, craft, and authentic quality, which has come to define BARRY. 
At BARRY, the concept of integrity infuses everything we do, encompassing design, materials, and craft. It’s a principle that informs our pursuit of efficient methods of business development on the path to sustainability. Our vision is ambitious, yet simple: We aim to meet the highest standards in every aspect of our business.
Our commitment
We measure our success by the quality of our products, and we measure our achievements through our sustainable development practices. As a Sustainable 星力捕鱼游戏平台 Committee member, we’re committed to maintaining environmentally friendly business practices, all certified to FSC, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 standards, among others, to ensure that our furniture is safe for you and the environment.
Flexible manufacturing
BARRY accepts orders for any type and size project, from one piece to several thousand. We also offer custom millwork, allowing designers to coordinate architectural and furniture motifs easily, including veneer colors, hardware, and other details.
In-house production
We craft every piece in our own factory. We can offer real assurances of quality because we actually build, rather than assemble, our products. This gives us total control, over design and manufacturing quality as well as production scheduling and delivery.
Realize your vision
Find out how BARRY Hospitality can help you realize your vision. Contact us to learn more about our products and design and manufacturing processes, or to discuss a specific project. We look forward to hearing from you.
VE Hotel Director of Engineering

星力捕鱼游戏平台 I am glad to recommend Barry Hospitality to you as a very professional supplier. They are responsive and always produce the highest quality products. They can explain and carried out highly complex designs at reasonable prices.

星力捕鱼游戏平台VE Hotel Director of Engineering

Beyond Patong Hotel Director of Engineering

星力捕鱼游戏平台 I'm very satisfied with the excellent service provided by Barry Hospitality. All the items provided are of the highest quality and always fulfill their commitments in a very professional manner

Beyond Patong Hotel Director of Engineering

The Shanhaitian Resort Sanya Hotel Director

Since the establishment of the Barry Hospitality team, we have been very happy to cooperate with them, and the product quality and service level have always exceeded our expectations.

星力捕鱼游戏平台The Shanhaitian Resort Sanya Hotel Director

Hilton Jiuzhaigou Resort Hotel Director

星力捕鱼游戏平台 I'm very satisfied with the excellent service provided by Barry Hospitality. Whether it is a quote or a delivery date Their enthusiasm for getting things done the right way is refreshing. All items provided are of the highest quality.

星力捕鱼游戏平台Hilton Jiuzhaigou Resort Hotel Director

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